Friday, September 15, 2006


A little trivia - the guy who did the snakes for "Snakes on a Plane" provided all the maggots. The make-up fx people in charge were Richard Redlefsen, Michael Mosher & Gary Tunnicliffe. FEAST opens next friday September 22!


For FEAST, I had real live maggots all over me - including in my mouth and up my nose. I didn't mind at all.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


The new official poster for FEAST! This is a new movie I'm in (I'm billed 4th on the poster). I think it's going to be great. Please go check it out the first weekend it comes out. It opens Friday September 22 at midnight. It's playing Friday & Saturday midnight screenings only.
I'll have more photos up soon.

Friday, June 02, 2006


I'm selling a microwave oven. If anyone's interested, send me a message. Here's a bunch of pics.


Here's the purple suit I wear on my big stand-up night in the movie.


David Schwimmer plays DUANE HOPWOOD in the movie. I play his new friend ANTHONY. We both work the overnight shift at Caesar's in Atlantic City. He's a pit boss & a slot machine repairman who is trying to be a stand-up comic and actor. In this photos I'm wearing a huge hat (part of a stand-up act i'm working on (in the movie)). The bag I'm carrying is a bunch of props.


I play a guy named ANTHONY who repairs the slot machines at a casino in Atlantic City in the movie DUANE HOPWOOD. It's now available on DVD.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

FULL GROWN MEN production pic

I got a new movie, FULL GROWN MEN. I'm the 2nd lead in the movie. I play a much different kind of role. I'm the more serious one in the movie. It's a drama with comedic elements in it. It's about two guys who go on a road trip in Southern Florida who haven't seen each other in 20 years (since they were kids). I play a special education teacher named Elias Guber. Here's a still from the movie.

The movie stars Matt McGrath as my friend Alby. The movie also features Alan Cumming, Amy Sedaris, Debbie Harry, Joie Lee and many other really good actors. It has been playing this past week at the Tribeca Film Festival

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Here's the DVD box for DUANE HOPWOOD. It gets released today on DVD!

Yes, my name made the cover. Yes, Janeane Garofalo has blonde hair in the movie. No, David Schwimmer & Janeane are not's just a movie. Yes, David is an excellent cyclist.


David Schwimmer & myself rehearsing during the filming of DUANE HOPWOOD.

I'm wearing the huge hat because the character I play is a comic who is just starting out and he thinks goofy costumes will get him laughs. This was at a house right off the beach in a little town next to Atlantic City.


Photo from the set in between takes from DUANE HOPWOOD.

This is what my character wears for his big stand-up scene in the movie.


Here's a still from the movie DUANE HOPWOOD. It comes out on DVD today (4-25-06). It's a drama that has funny stuff in it too. It stars Schwimmer as pit boss who works the overnight shift at the Caesar's casino in Atlantic City. The movie deals with his alcoholism & his struggle to not lose his family and turn his life around. I'm the 3rd lead in the movie. I play a guy named Anthony who also works the overnight shift at the casino - but my job is fixing the slot machines. My character is also trying to be a comedian. Janeane Garofalo is the second lead - she plays Schwimmer's ex-wife. The movie also features Dick Cavett, Steven Schirripa, Susan Lynch, Bill Buell, John Krasinski, Jerry Grayson, and many other actors who do a really good job. Matt Mulhern wrote & directed it - you may know him from many movies he's acted in - including one of my favorites - EXTREME PREJUDICE. Lemore Syvan & Marc Turtletaub produced. We shot it in Atlantic City. Lots of great Italian food there. The movie is available for rent & to buy on DVD.

Yes, that's me with straight hair, no glasses & a mustache.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

vegetable of beef

no pic on this one. blogger's not letting upload pics for some reason.
i got some pics from the LIVE FREE OR DIE movie premiere from 4/11/06 and a college show i did on 4/08/06.
went to a block in nyc that has five 24 hr. korean restaurants (on one block) with a total of about 6 customers combined - and that's including me and my friend ben. the restaurant we went to had zero customers. it was about 230am. the waiter who was korean, spoke no english. we were trying to order 1 order of beef dumplings and one order of vegetable dumplings. on the menu it said "beef of vegetable" dumplings. we figured it was a typing/spelling mistake and it meant to say "beef or vegetable" dumplings. after a 10 minute discussion trying to explain to the waiter that one of us wanted beef & the other vegetable - we got no where. the waiter finally went to the kitchen to talk to the cook. after a couple minutes, he came back - we again reiterated "beef" for my friend and "vegetable" for me. The waiter said "dumpling...5 pieces". so he did know a little english - but it still didn't help. then my friend pointed to himself and said "beef" and i pointed to myself and said "vegetable". the waiter looked more confused. i think he thought our names were "beef" and "vegetable". then i got excited because i thought of a way to explain it! on the menu i pointed to "dumplings" - then i covered up all the words except for "beef" and pointed to my friend as i said "beef" - then i covered up all the words except "vegetable" and pointed to me and said "vegetable dumpling". the waiter then shook his head and said "no, dumpling is 5 pieces". we then said that we were still not communicating. then i noticed that the man who busses the tables was watching. he was latino. i figured maybe he could help since he works with the waiter. we explained the situation to him to see if he could help explain our order to the waiter. turns out he knew less english than the waiter. the waiter went to the kitchen again, and came back and said "dumpling 5 pieces". the whole ordering process & discussion was about 15 or so very intense minutes. we decided the dumplings were probably beef and just ordered one order. we also ordered bib bam bop. my friend got the beef and i got the vegetable - the menu clearly labeled these as different items. about 100 seconds later, our food was served. incredibly fast service. the dumplings were very good and they were some kind of meat. not sure if it was beef - and, there were no vegetables. maybe it really was "beef of vegetable" - whatever that is - if it exists. the dumplings were good. my bib bam bop had beef in it though - and it was unappetizingly cold. my friend's also had beef in it (which it was supposed to) and it was hot (which i prefer). it was pretty good but not great. then we left. we said good night & everyone including us were quite happy and satisfied eventhough i don't know how any of us could be. i think we were their first customers ever. on the way out i noticed a poster in the hallway for an all asian basketball league, informing people to sign up for it. it looked interesting, but i'm not asian, so i did not write down the phone number. it was a pretty enjoyable experience, eventhough the food wasn't that great. but it made me realize that different languages really are different.
anyways. more pictures tomorrow.
Gotta go build a paper mache house. gonna see how long it lasts.


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Astronaut Training

Becoming an astronaut takes lots of training. Since videogames are important, you should have a large supply of video games to play at home.

Just playing games at the arcade is not enough. And remember, concentrate on the space-themed video games.

Yes, I play video games.

Before becoming an astronaut, I recommend becoming incredible at video games.

Asteroids is a good game to start off with.

This Is Why I Love America

I'll let these images speak for themselves.


Here's a photo from photographer Jeff Vespa from January 2003 where I'm wearing my RECORD BREAKER hat.
The guys on "Call to Greatness" are not real record breakers. I am. And I have the hat & photo to prove it. You can go to my page at to look at more photos.

The photo is dated January 2003 - 3 years before "Call to Greatness" premiered. I pitched a show to MTV well over a year ago called RECORD BREAKER. I'm I upset. No I am not. I am the WORLD CHAMPION and the original true one and only RECORD BREAKER. And as the World Champion, I do not get upset. Because I am a winner.