Saturday, December 31, 2005

Clothes and Sports

This photo and the next several photos will demonstrate
and give advice on the importance of wearing the
appropriate clothes for a particular athletic event
or competition. Being The World Champion, I decided
to share some of my knowledge with you.
This outfit is to be worn for a chess match only.
For other sports, these clothes maybe satisfactory,
but not optimum. For chess, it is optimum. If you go
into a chess tournament with a combination of these clothes
and this intense level of concentration, you will go home
with a very large chess trophy.

Morning Workout Clothes

Prepared to train outdoors in any weather condition.

Lunch Break Clothes

During lunch, wear clothes that are safe
to get dirty. Also, the camouflage patterns
can hide food that gets on clothes accidentally.

Video Arcade Game Clothes

You dress like this and you will never lose
a Galaga tournament.


Prepared for calculus and karate.
The calculator is in the mind.
The flying kick to the face is in the spirit.

Arm wrestling gear

The inner "show no fear attitude" (your spirit)
must be matched with the outer
"show no fear" attitude (your clothes).
This is a crucial part to successful
arm wrestling that was never discussed
in the otherwise very true-to-life and
poignant motion picture "Over the Top".

Evening Workout Clothes

Highly visible gear for safety.

Friday, December 30, 2005

blog pic 115pm

i think it worked

115pm pic

Thursday, December 29, 2005

can't blog

still can't post a pic.

test picture

Here is a picture of me in my winner hat.

Trying to Blog

I'm trying to blog. Having trouble. I'm not that good at directions.

picture test 2

still trying to post a picture with text.