Thursday, April 13, 2006

vegetable of beef

no pic on this one. blogger's not letting upload pics for some reason.
i got some pics from the LIVE FREE OR DIE movie premiere from 4/11/06 and a college show i did on 4/08/06.
went to a block in nyc that has five 24 hr. korean restaurants (on one block) with a total of about 6 customers combined - and that's including me and my friend ben. the restaurant we went to had zero customers. it was about 230am. the waiter who was korean, spoke no english. we were trying to order 1 order of beef dumplings and one order of vegetable dumplings. on the menu it said "beef of vegetable" dumplings. we figured it was a typing/spelling mistake and it meant to say "beef or vegetable" dumplings. after a 10 minute discussion trying to explain to the waiter that one of us wanted beef & the other vegetable - we got no where. the waiter finally went to the kitchen to talk to the cook. after a couple minutes, he came back - we again reiterated "beef" for my friend and "vegetable" for me. The waiter said "dumpling...5 pieces". so he did know a little english - but it still didn't help. then my friend pointed to himself and said "beef" and i pointed to myself and said "vegetable". the waiter looked more confused. i think he thought our names were "beef" and "vegetable". then i got excited because i thought of a way to explain it! on the menu i pointed to "dumplings" - then i covered up all the words except for "beef" and pointed to my friend as i said "beef" - then i covered up all the words except "vegetable" and pointed to me and said "vegetable dumpling". the waiter then shook his head and said "no, dumpling is 5 pieces". we then said that we were still not communicating. then i noticed that the man who busses the tables was watching. he was latino. i figured maybe he could help since he works with the waiter. we explained the situation to him to see if he could help explain our order to the waiter. turns out he knew less english than the waiter. the waiter went to the kitchen again, and came back and said "dumpling 5 pieces". the whole ordering process & discussion was about 15 or so very intense minutes. we decided the dumplings were probably beef and just ordered one order. we also ordered bib bam bop. my friend got the beef and i got the vegetable - the menu clearly labeled these as different items. about 100 seconds later, our food was served. incredibly fast service. the dumplings were very good and they were some kind of meat. not sure if it was beef - and, there were no vegetables. maybe it really was "beef of vegetable" - whatever that is - if it exists. the dumplings were good. my bib bam bop had beef in it though - and it was unappetizingly cold. my friend's also had beef in it (which it was supposed to) and it was hot (which i prefer). it was pretty good but not great. then we left. we said good night & everyone including us were quite happy and satisfied eventhough i don't know how any of us could be. i think we were their first customers ever. on the way out i noticed a poster in the hallway for an all asian basketball league, informing people to sign up for it. it looked interesting, but i'm not asian, so i did not write down the phone number. it was a pretty enjoyable experience, eventhough the food wasn't that great. but it made me realize that different languages really are different.
anyways. more pictures tomorrow.
Gotta go build a paper mache house. gonna see how long it lasts.



Blogger Cthulhu Geek said...

Funny Story! I want to hear all about the Live Free or Die thing. I was a featured extra in that movie. You notice how I just can't say extra, I have to say "Featured" extra. Anyway, keep writing! I look forward to seeing Live Free or Die when it comes to Boston. By the way, American Splendor was great!

11:23 AM  
Blogger MaryAn Batchellor said...

what is a "featured" extra?

6:23 PM  
Blogger Cthulhu Geek said...

Well, a regular extra is like some one in the backgrond of the shot, maybe eating dinner or at the bar or one of many church goers, etc. A featured extra is someone who does not have any lines, but is more like a character, and they are directly in the shot, as opposed to somewhere in the background. In Live Free or Die, I played one of the bullies buddies, and we both laughed in the face of Aaron Standfords character when he acted tough. I was part of the scene as oppossed to human wallpaper. Much better ,than playing human wallpaper, I know because I have been a regualar extra a few times too. I hope that explains it.


11:03 PM  

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