Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Yes, I play video games.

Before becoming an astronaut, I recommend becoming incredible at video games.

Asteroids is a good game to start off with.


Blogger Crap trap said...

Pacman is good if you want to spend your life taking alot of drugs or perhaps if you want to be a spiritual medium.

1:32 PM  
Blogger Judah Friedlander said...

pacman has nothing to do with drugs. besides, this is an asteroids game!
i don't do drugs and i never did. I'm a role model to children.
World Champions don't do drugs, they're just winners.

5:05 PM  
Blogger yomammasmoheganboots said...

I raided my dads overcoat pockets for quarters and usually got an old tissue but when I did scrounge 3 or so I went to Flippers to play Defender.

I sucked. I was always done in 30 seconds no matter what I played. I was the kid hammering away on the game dash with little idea of what was happening on screen. I was not the World Champion. Space Invaders? The entire fleet sat on me in 20 seconds.

Yeah, I'm pretty messed up by it. Add a foot pedal, steering wheel and shifter to an arcade game like Pole Position and I danced like a pedestrian on an electrified street grate. Never got it. Never will. Video game deficient.

1:54 AM  

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